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"I had the pleasure of working with Emily for a one on one session. I am a new entrepreneur and needed help managing my time and figuring out a schedule that would work to where I didn’t feel like I was drowning all the time. Emily took a deep dive into my My business and into my life to map out a plan that would give me more space in my day. She absolutely delivered. Emily is a fantastic listener and a great strategist. I highly recommend her and would absolutely work with her again.."

Amber Shaw, Fitness Instructor / Tik Tok Official Fitness Content Creator, USA ~ September 2020 ~

"Emily's skill set made this session clearly exceed my expectations. She has the ability to establish rapport quite easily, providing a great start to the session. She nurtures a positive and sharing environment, making use of her good active listening skills while also keeping focus on her mission as a coach and the important points to address. Overall, she was always natural and respectful throughout the session, as if I was talking with a good friend."
Rui Silva - Portugal ~ August 2020 ~

"Emily is fantastic professional. She is able to identify my current situation and my goals, she made me feel relaxed and at peace with my future decisions. She is a natural listener and her intuitive summaries were very accurate."
Edyta Serwicka - Poland ~ September 2020 ~

"Emily has a gift of being able to listen and organize the thoughts I share with her from my multiple, diverse businesses to my emotional state of mind! She has a unique ability to create a comfortable yet professional environment.  As a newbie at being an entrepreneur, this is exactly what I needed for acceleration in my personal success. With her ability to dissect information in a worldly fashion, I feel that her perspectives safely cover all aspects of the business worldFeeling safe to share personal information with her has enabled me to swiftly but smoothly deal with events and road bumps that could have previously held me back for weeks! Since working with Emily in just a few sessions, I have seen tremendous growth in many different areas of my life. Overall, I would highly recommend Emily Smith as a life coach for anyone trying to create and live their best life!"

Gwendolyn Osborne, Actress, Singer, Entrepreneur - Los Angeles, USA ~ November 2020 ~

Initially, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for… I knew I wanted to start a journey, to get in the best shape of my life… I’m 50, need a walker, etc. (brain tumor complications), so, I was aware it would be most challenging… Fortunately, I got connected with Emily via a mutual friend (and a Level Up client already)… It was simply the BEST thing that happened to me… Emily is a great listener… More importantly, she took my desire, made a plan of attack, and was there the entire time, supporting & coaching… Proud to say, she got me to where I wanted to go… I STRONGLY RECOMMEND!

Jeff Ogan, Entertainment Industry Professional - Los Angeles, USA ~ June 2021 ~


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