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We will help you identify the challenges and issues preventing you from achieving your goals.
The Level Up Life Coach provides a coaching service to help you level up your life – whether in business, professional or personal development.
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Level Up Your Life!

1. Would you rather be 

a)  watching an awards show or

b)  on stage winning an award for something you’ve achieved for yourself?

2. Would you rather be 

a)  watching a play, TV or a movie or

b)  making or acting in a TV show or movie or performing on stage?

3. Would you rather be 

a)  watching sport such as football, golf, basketball, cycling etc. or

b)  would you rather be actively taking part, playing for a professional league?

4. Would you rather be

a)  an employee or

b)  a business owner where you are the boss?

5. Would you rather be

a)  watching a travel show on Netflix or

b)  away on an adventure somewhere creating your own memories to play back?

6. Would you rather be

a)  listening to music at home or

b)  making the music yourself as an artist or producer or playing in a band?

7. Would you rather be

a)  cramming a million things into your day and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere and not achieving much or

b)  working to a structured schedule to help you achieve YOUR goals AND have a balance to accommodate work and life commitments without you feeling burnt out?

8. Would you rather be

a)  only having occasional moments of quality time with your children, partner or friends due to an overwhelming work schedule or

b)  having a more balanced life of work and personal time?

9. Would you rather be

a)  over promising and under delivering on your commitments to yourself and others in personal / business or

b)  able to deliver on your promises, goals and commitments via having an accountability partner?

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If you answered b) on any of these scenarios let me ask you one more question:


What’s stopping YOU?


At The Level Up Life Coach we are here to serve – to help you work through whatever it is that’s holding you back from achieving your goals – whether business, personal or professional.


  • Let us help YOU Level Up YOUR Career

  • Let us help YOU Level Up YOUR Business

  • Let us help YOU Level Up YOUR Personal Goals

  • Let us help YOU Level Up YOUR Happiness

  • Let us help YOU Level Up YOUR Fulfilment

  • Let us help YOU Level Up YOUR Life!

Contact Us NOW for a FREE discovery session to see how we can help.


What is Coaching?


  • To help a person change in the way they wish and helping them go in the direction they want to go.

  • Coaching supports a person at every level in becoming who they want to be.

  • Coaching builds awareness empowers choice and leads to change.


The Level Up Life Coach provides a coaching service to help you level up your life – whether in business, professional or personal development.

What is Coaching
Emily Smith


Emily Smith has a background in Project Management (Prince 2 Practioner Certified), working on events of all different sizes from Hollywood Red Carpets, business workshops, non-profit fundraisers to the international multi-sports such as the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (London 2012), Commonwealth Games (Glasgow 2014 & Birmingham 2022), Special Olympics World Games (Los Angeles 2015)


In addition to working in hospitality management at the Ryder Cup (Gleneagles 2014), Rugby World Cup (London 2015), Harlequins Rugby Club 2015/16, and Sponsor Transport at the NFL Superbowl LIV / LVI (Miami 2020 & Los Angeles 2022).

Working on these events requires a different level of discipline and commitment to be able to cope with the demands and pressures that come with the responsibilities of the job.  The learnings from it have repeatedly strengthened and refined processes, logic, scheduling, time management, logistics, risk assessments, procurement, recruitment, teamwork, leadership and above all else - making things happen even at the most challenging of times.  


This is what The Level Up Life Coach is bringing to the table.  We have the experience to help you identify the issues preventing you from achieving your goal(s) or if you are unsure by what your goals are, we can help you find the clarity you need to identify them and start working towards them..


Emily holds a BA Hons Degree in Business & Marketing specialising in Entertainment Business.  For Project Management is Prince 2 Practitioner certified by Axelos.  For Coaching is accredited by INLFP, ECNLP & APCi - a Practitioner in Coaching, NLP, Timelines & Hypnotherapy enabling her to help others (individuals & groups) with their personal, professional and/or business goals.

Giving Back:

We are here to serve, and where possible, do our part to give back.  The charities currently supported are as follows:

The Downtown Women's Center (DWC), Los Angeles

The only organization in Los Angeles focused exclusively on serving and empowering women experiencing homelessness and formerly homeless women.  If you would like to donate some items they're in need of via their wish list click here.

Happy Chickens for Fiji Food & Climate Emergency! via Global Giving & Corals for Conservation The worldwide pandemic, together with the negative impacts of climate change, have caused a food emergency in Fiji.  This helps to provide food to the island communities. If you would like to help further click here.

Mental Wellness Networking Alliance, and the Premier Networking Alliance Youth Mentorship Program,

Coral Springs, Florida

About Emily


"I had the pleasure of working with Emily for a one on one session. I am a new entrepreneur and needed help managing my time and figuring out a schedule that would work to where I didn’t feel like I was drowning all the time. Emily took a deep dive into my My business and into my life to map out a plan that would give me more space in my day. She absolutely delivered. Emily is a fantastic listener and a great strategist. I highly recommend her and would absolutely work with her again.."

Amber Shaw, Fitness Instructor / Tik Tok Official Fitness Content Creator, USA - September 2020

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Emily Smith

The Level Up Life Coach

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